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Spear Bed
If you use your truck for a truck, then you'll appreciate all the standard features on a Bradford Built truck bed; things like 1/8" thick tread plate floor, a 30,000 lb rated gooseneck hitch and the incredibly strong receiver type bumper hitch.  With the 6" tall flip-up side rails, you won't be back-tracking looking for your chains or spare tire.  Chain "keyholes" in the headache rack, flush-mounted D-rings in the side rails, and stake pockets in the deck make it easy to secure any load.  The sealed beam lights are flush mounted and there is a 7-pole plug-in for your trailer.  The rear corners of the deck are tapered so backing up a little too close to the dock won't take out the lights.  The forward taper also allows for locating the gooseneck ball further forward while still clearing your trailer gussets in a turn.  The powder coat paint gives it a good shine and easy to wash surface.  The two bale spikes are easily removed with a quick release pin and stowed in a compartment under the deck.  When the block is in the closed position (spikes up) the cylinder is fully retracted preventing damage to the ram hard-casing from salt and road debris.  With this design, the spikes penetrate the bale lower than most and raised into road position the bale sits further onto the deck.

POWDER COATED BLACK for a good shine and an easy-to-wash surface.
6" Flip-Down Sides on Greasable Hinges
Stake pockets
Sealed Beam Lights
30,000 lb. capacity recessed GN Ball
Receiver Type Bumper Hitch w/ D-rings
Headache Rack W/ Lights
Mud Flaps
Lighted License Plate Mount
7-Pin Truck Plug
Wiring Harness
2 removable spears
1 Crossbody Toolbox

  • Options: 
    LED Lights
    Underbody Tool Boxes
  • B&W Hitch