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4 Box Utility Bed
If you use your truck for a truck, then you'll appreciate all the standard features on a Bradford Built truck bed; things like 1/8" thick tread plate floor, a 30,000 lb rated gooseneck hitch and the incredibly strong receiver type bumper hitch.  With the 4" tall flip-up side rails, you won't be back-tracking looking for your chains or spare tire.  Chain "keyholes" in the headache rack and flush-mounted D-rings in the side rails make it easy to secure any load.  The sealed beam lights are flush mounted and there is a 7-pole plug-in for your trailer.  The rear corners of the deck are tapered so backing up a little too close to the dock won't take out the lights.  The forward taper also allows for locating the gooseneck ball further forward while still clearing your trailer gussets in a turn.  The powder coat paint gives it a good shine and easy to wash surface.    

The 4-box utility comes with four built-in toolboxes for extra storage space.  The deck is large enough to carry even the biggest loads.

POWDER COATED BLACK for a good shine and an easy-to-wash surface.
4" Flip-Down Sides on Greasable Hinges
Sealed Beam Lights
30,000 lb. capacity GN Ball
Receiver Type Bumper Hitch w/ D-rings
Headache Rack W/ Lights
Wiring Harness
Mud Flaps
Lighted License Plate Mount
7-Pin Truck Plug
4 Bolt-In Lockable Steel Tool Boxes

  • Options: 
    LED Lights
    B&W Hitch